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Optional dry Hand Device considerations
Edit:Shanghai Mu te Electric Appliance Co., Ltd.   UpDate:2018-05-29

Buy dry hands, consumers should be based on their own needs and circumstances such as the decision to purchase a dry hand device. PTC type of dry hand, and electric wire type of dry hand device are different. Consumers can also be based on their own needs, to choose wind as the main heat as a supplement to the dry hand, or to heat the main hot-air dry hand device. In the selection of electromagnetic induction dryer, it should be noted that the dry hand device is susceptible to the environment, the impact of goods. Selection of infrared sensor dry hand device to note that the infrared sensor dry hands are also susceptible to light interference, consumers in the purchase time to carry out the test machine, select the dry hand is not easy to be disturbed. Choose a dry hand device should also pay attention to the use of dry hand motor is which form. There are many forms of motor for dry hand, such as capacitor asynchronous motor, shaded pole electric machine, series-excitation motor, DC motor, and Permanent magnet motor. Capacitor asynchronous motor, hood pole type electric machine, DC motor-driven dry hand equipment has the advantages of low noise, and series-excited motor, and permanent magnet motor-driven dry hand appliances have the advantages of large air volume, now the latest brushless DC motors combined with the above characteristics, noise, air volume, has become the best choice for dry hands now.

First, the dry hand speed, environmental protection and energy-saving dry hands are mainly wind, heating auxiliary type of dry hand device. This dry hand device is characterized by high wind speed, the hands of the water will soon blow off, and heating function is only to maintain the comfort of the hands of the usual wind temperature between 35-40 degrees. When you dry your hands quickly, there is no feeling of burns.

Second, the main parameters of dry hand device:

1, shell, shell material not only determines the appearance of the dry hand, unqualified material may become a fire hazard, better dry hand shell is usually the use of ABS flame retardant plastic, metal painting, and engineering plastics.

2, weight, mainly to consider the installation of the location and materials are sufficient capacity to withstand the weight of dry hands, for example: cement brick walls can generally not consider the weight of the problem, as long as the installation method is appropriate, this is not a problem, but if the color plate and other materials to consider bearing capacity, Some manufacturers, however, provide stents to handle such problems.

3, color, color is mainly a person's preferences and the overall environment of the problem, there are food factories, pharmaceutical companies, such as to choose the primary color of the dry hand device, because the spray paint dry hand device may be volatile, will affect the safety of food or medicine.

4, the starting mode, usually manual, infrared sensor Two ways, a new type of photoelectric mode of start-up, characterized by fast start-up speed, not susceptible to environmental impact, such as strong light may cause the infrared dry hands to keep turning or start their own, photoelectric use of shielding the amount of light to start, thereby preventing the problem of infrared dry hand, There is also no hand contact with the hand dryer, thereby preventing cross-infection.

5, induction location, according to their own needs to choose

6, working mode, hanging wall, bracket, according to their own needs to choose, often move the proposed use of stents

7, working noise, usually the smaller the better

8, dry hands time, the shorter the better

9, Standby current, the smaller the better

10, the wind temperature, according to their own needs and choose the type of dry hand device, usually choose to run for a long time without burning sad advisable.