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The superiority of the jet dry mobile phone
Edit:Shanghai Mu te Electric Appliance Co., Ltd.   UpDate:2018-05-29

Jet Dryer Phoneis a new generation of high-quality dry phones, it can meet the needs of all the top office buildings, hotel hotels and entertainment centers, and it also has good antibacterial performance to meet the cleanliness and hygiene requirements of the most demanding professional places, such as food, medicine, electronics industry and level three first-class hospital.

Automatic induction of high-speed dry cell phone for food production enterprises are advanced and ideal sanitary equipment, can bring clean, sanitary, safe, non-polluting dry hand effect. When hand-washing, will be stretched in the automatic induction of high-speed dry mobile phone outlet, automatic dry phone will automatically send a high-speed warm wind, quickly dry hands, when the hands away from the dry phone tuyere, automatic stop work, to achieve rapid dry hands and prevent bacterial cross-infection of health requirements.

The working principle of the dry cell phone is generally detected by the sensor signal (hand), this signal to see the control to open the heating circuit relays and hair circuit relays, start heating, blowing. When the sensor detects the signal disappears, releases the contact point, the heating circuit and the hair circuit relay disconnect, stops the heating, the air blow.

Heating device has no heating device, PTC, electric wire.

1, no heating device, as the name implies no heating device

It is suitable for places where the temperature is more demanding and where the dry cell phone is used frequently,

For example: frozen vegetables, frozen dumplings packaging workshop

2, PTC Heating

PTC thermistor Heating, because as the ambient temperature changes, PTC heating power also changes, in the winter when the PTC heating power, dry cell phone blowing warm air temperature rise also increased, energy saving and environmental protection.

PTC is characterized by a good temperature, but also has a certain disadvantage, that is, no heating wire temperature up quickly.

3. Heating Wire

Traditional heating wire, wind temperature rise fast, but the wind temperature is poor, easy wind temperature high, opponents have burns.

High-speed dry mobile phone using the electric wire plus the CPU with the temperature sensor control mode, to reach the wind temperature rise fast and constant effect, even if the wind speed of up to 100 m/s, dry mobile phone can also blow out a constant Wen Feng.

Usually mainly by the wind heating as a supplement to dry mobile phone noise is relatively large, and the heat of the main hot dry mobile phone noise is small, enterprises can choose according to their actual situation.