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Park Sensor Hand sterilizer Manufacturers
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Park sensor Hand sterilizer manufacturers-we have long been the founder of industry standards. In Voith (VOITH), you will find that there are many professionals who listen and really understand what your business needs. We have developed a range of technologically advanced and diverse sanitary components and professional solutions, supported by the industry's recognized excellence in product design and manufacturing processes. Today, Voith (VOITH) can provide you with timely service, products to meet or exceed your needs. Of course, your demand is much more than this, so we also provide you with supplier management inventory, emergency distribution, training, CAD drawings and technical support and other services. Combined with our local dedicated professionals to provide you with the solution, so that you reduce the total cost of the same time without the need to make any compromises.

Park Sensor Hand Sterilizer

Medical hand-washing pool for the operation of medical staff dedicated hand-washing equipment, advanced sus304 stainless steel manufacturing, groove body to ergonomic design, international standards, human body induction gooseneck faucet, no personnel touch, to ensure cleanliness. With mirror lamp, with induction soap dispenser, operating room wash basin is divided into single, double, three, four-person position. Can be non-standard production, safe and reliable. Medical hand-washing pool using high-quality sus304-2b stainless steel production, integrated pool body, no weld, more solid and reliable, induction faucet so that users can easily finish cleaning without contact, suitable for clean operating room, equipped with lighting system, automatic induction faucet, screen-type water, elegant appearance, easy to use; Optional configuration for the heating function (electric water heater), automatic soap dispenser, etc., single, double, multiplayer design provides a variety of types for users to choose from.

With imported high-quality 304 stainless steel plate manufacturing, international standards, mute splash, arc structure, constant temperature effluent, equipped with mirror lamp and induction soap dispenser, the standard model for 1 people, 2 people, 3 people hand sinks, can be customized non-standard types of hand-washing trough. Description: Stainless steel thickness of 1.2mm or 1.5mm, with 50L electric water heater, free to set the effluent temperature, out of water knee touch and induction of two ways, each hand-wash with independent mirror lamp and mirror, hand-washing trough the design of a special slope, can effectively prevent water splashing outside the wash basin, the water nozzle independent settings, does not affect the use of other nozzle, convenient use and dimension Nursing. Note: The hand-washing trough uses SUS304 stainless steel double layer production, the middle special mute processing. The body is engineered to be ergonomically designed to not splash on the body when washing hands. Goose neck Faucet, knee-type water, safe and reliable. Avoid two times of pollution. Heating mode: Electric heating, SOAP device: Air pump to soap.

Park Sensor Hand Sterilizer

The after-sale service of Voith Voith Products is

1, the warranty period of 12 months, with the "Product Warranty card" or the purchase of a copy of the credential warranty, product warranty card and the loss of purchasing credentials are not complementary;

2, if the purchase of Voith Voith product quality problems within 30th, with a copy of the purchase of credentials, by the Voith Technology department confirmed after the free replacement (but not replace the new packaging), and bear the freight (more than the normal road freight standard part of the user-borne);

3, if the purchase of Voith Voith products within 12 months of quality problems, with the purchase of a copy of the credential or warranty card free warranty and bear the product round-trip freight (but not replace the new packaging);

4, more than the warranty period, no "product warranty card", the purchase of the loss of credential products, provide paid maintenance, only charge material fees, do not bear freight;

5, under the warranty period is not free warranty coverage:

1 The user automatically disassemble, the shell is cracked, the body sealing paper is broken;

2 fault caused by natural disasters such as fire, Earthquake, thunder, or abnormal voltage;

4) long time in the harsh environment caused by the use of the fault;

5 does not show the warranty card or valid purchase credentials.