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Hand dryer small common sense-the difference between brushless motor and brushless motor
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Recently there has been a brush motor as the main core components of the appearance and brushless motor or similar to the hand dryer, the price is comparatively low, hindered the consumer's cognition, here has the necessity to explain with the vast consumer the dry hand the small common sense; the difference between brushless motor and brushless motor.

We know that the dryer is one of the core components in the dry-hand machine, therefore, the dryer in the use of the blower determines the dry hand performance, noise, dry hand effect of a lot of elements, below we come to understand the popular fast dry hand machine used in the series of carbon brush motor and brushless DC motor.

Brief introduction

When the motor is working, the coil and the commutator rotate, the magnet and the carbon brush do not turn, and the alternating current direction of the coil is changed with the motor rotating phase-change converter and the electric brush to complete. In the electric vehicle industry has a brush motor and high-speed brush motor and low speed brush motor. There are many differences between the brush motor and brushless motor, from the name can be seen that there is a brush motor has a carbon brush, Brushless motor without carbon brush.

The working principle of the brush motor

There are two major parts of the stator and the rotor, the stator has magnetic poles (winding or permanent magnets), the rotor has windings, after electricity, the rotor also forms a magnetic field (magnetic pole), the stator and the rotor between the Poles have an angle, in the fixed rotor magnetic field (between the N pole and the s pole) mutual attraction, is the motor rotation. Change the position of the brush, You can change the angle of the fixed rotor pole (assuming that the stator's magnetic extreme angle at the beginning of the rotor's magnetic extreme side, from the rotor's magnetic poles to the stator of the direction of the magnetic pole is the rotation direction of the motor) direction, thus changing the direction of the motor rotation.

The difference between a brush motor and a brushless motor

1 Have brush motor

is currently selected by most of the domestic electric bicycle manufacturers, it uses the carbon brush as the motor power supply two contact points, the use of speed control and controller controls, through the gear two deceleration and beyond the clutch to achieve the electric bicycle 0-20 km/h stepless speed. The current use of this kind of brush high speed motor gold content, The motor deceleration gear has strong strength, good wear resistance, reasonable design, so low reworks, and maintenance of replacement gear and motor cost less, effectively reduce the cost of electric bicycles maintenance; and the brush motor can be passed through the clutch and flywheel to achieve easy human riding. Brush Motor is the use of electrical brush mechanical reversing!

2 Brushless Motor

Currently by the electric bicycle manufacturers are generally used brushless brushless motor. Its speed control system is higher than the speed control system of the brushless high speed motor, and the controller is prone to malfunction in use. Electric bicycles equipped with brushless motors must travel at least 35 km/h to perform their best work efficiency , but we know that electric bicycles as a non-motor vehicle to manage, speed must be under 20 km/h below, so brushless motor by the use of electric bicycles to reduce the efficiency, the desirability is not strong. Now it is mainly used for the small noise. Brushless motor is the use of electronic circuit reversing! Detection of polarity detection components!


Here are a few ways to talk about the difference between brushless motor and brushless motor:

1, the scope of application:

Brushless motor: Usually used in the control of higher requirements, relatively high speed of equipment, such as model aircraft, precision instrumentation, such as motor speed control strict speed to a very high equipment manufacturers, and now the most advanced dry hand, Voith Voith Brushless motor dry hand is also used in this kind of motor, The cost of its motor and controller is very high, so the high-end equipment will be used later.

Carbon brush Motor: Usually the use of power equipment are brush motor, such as hair dryer, factory motors, home hoods and so on, and other series of motor speed can be achieved very high, but due to the wear of carbon brushes, the service life is not as good as brushless motor.

2. Service life:

Brushless motor: Usually the service life in tens of thousands of hours this order of magnitude, but because the bearing of different brushless motor service life is also very different.

Carbon Brush Motor: the continuous working life of the brush motor is usually hundreds of to 1000 hours, the use of the limit will need to replace the carbon brush, otherwise it is easy to cause the wear of bearings.

3, the use of effect:

Brushless motor: Usually digital frequency conversion control, strong controllability, from a few rpm, to tens of thousands of RPM per minute can be easily achieved.

This is our Voith with the brushless controller, far more complex than the controller with the brush motor.

Carbon Brush Motor: brushless motor After the general start work speed is constant, speed is not very easy, series-excited motor can reach 20000 rpm, but the service life will be relatively short. Brushless motor controller, very simple to achieve the relay's jump function.

4, energy-saving aspects:

Relatively speaking, brushless motor using variable frequency Technology control will be more energy-saving than series-excited motor, the most typical is the frequency of air-conditioning and refrigerators.

5, in the future maintenance, carbon brush motor needs to replace the carbon brush, if the replacement will cause damage to the motor, and brushless motor, the service life is very long, is usually more than 10 times times the brush motor, but the bad will need to replace the click, but the day-to-day maintenance of basic need not.

6, noise and whether there is brushless motor, mainly to see the bearings and click on the internal components of the match.