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Talking about high speed dry hand device
Edit:Shanghai Mu te Electric Appliance Co., Ltd.   UpDate:2017-08-08

Choose a good type of reasonable, quality, efficient dry hands of dry hands to allow users to dry hands comfortably.

Dryer according to its different design, can be divided into single-sided and double-sided Air Supply, the former refers to the dry hand outlet in a façade, the latter is the latest popular outlet in the dry hands of the two façade.


Here the main talk about high-speed dry hand device. Whether the use is one-sided or double-sided, the real application is the dry hand unit time to send air volume, the speed of the air volume and air volume directly related to the effect of dry hands. At present, there are two kinds of dry hands in the market, one is the principle of using hair dryer, the use of electrothermal wire heating, the use of low speed motor driven to produce wind pressure, this use of hair dryer principle of the dry hand, the energy consumption and noise is particularly large, dry hands time is particularly long, users have no patience to use, such products can only be a mere formality, To do a device, another use of cutting-edge technology, high-speed double-sided air supply system dry hands, is the current market mainstream products, the main brand has the German Vioth, Mitsubishi Mitsubishi, the United Kingdom Dyson Dyson, South Korea java. Its outstanding characteristics are high speed double-sided air supply, the use of brushless DC motor, can continue to use more than eight years.


Voith Voith to bigger do stronger hand industry for any, pay attention to the development of their own brands at the same time, in order to quickly popularize high-speed double-sided dry hands, Voith Voith products in the best-selling Europe and the United States developed countries, but also pay attention to the domestic market sales development and maintenance, and for domestic counterparts to provide a large number of product support!