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    hs-8525cVoith Voith hs-8525c High speed dry cell phone, op
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    VT-89051. Hinge-type Design baby care platform, do not us
  • SZ-8623
    SZ-86231 using 304 matte stainless steel material, rugged
  • hs-8512c
    hs-8512cVoith Voith Paper Dryer trash One machine: high po


“我们致力于让 卫生空间更人性化、智能化、高效化、品位化”

—— 福伊特VOITH

Voith (VOITH) is a public space sanitary appliances brand, its business throughout the global market. She can be met in a lot of luxurious buildings. We are in Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen, Nanjing, Suzhou, Zhengzhou, Chengdu, Chongqing and other major products are: Jet dry mobile phones, induction soap dispenser, hand sterilizer, combination of dry hands, hand dryer, Dyson Daisengan mobile phone, Mitsubishi Dry cell phone, inductive hand sterilizer, sink, automatic hand dryer, baby care desk, Handicapped handrails, hand dryer, high-speed drying mobile phones, double-sided drying mobile phones. Want to know the manufacturers, prices, sales, wholesale, how much money, size, agents, distributors and other issues, can call Shanghai MU Special Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. For a long time, Voith (VOITH) has been favored by senior office space, star hotels, star-grade hotel and other high-end buildings. In the industry, we have a group of distinguished, worldwide loyal partners. They are: Starwood Group, Accor Group, Four Seasons Hotel group, Ford Hotel Group, Peninsula Hotel Group, Western International Hotel Group, Mediterranean Club, Kempinski Group and the hotel group, such as Jinjiang group, a number of five-star hotels. For a long time, we have been the founder of industry standards. In Voith (VOITH), you will find that there are many professionals who listen and really understand what your business needs. We have developed a range of technologically advanced and diverse sanitary components and professional solutions, supported by the industry's recognized excellence in product design and manufacturing processes.

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